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Subject: Re: Revised Cast List 5/18
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-20, 13:33

In article <>, (Jon Conrad) writes...

} Anyway, here it all is.  Anybody who can tell me exactly who, out of
} all the "guest starring" actresses, plays Blackie, will be heartily
} thanked.

By process of elimination, I'm reasonably certain that it's Victoria
Catlin. Hers was the only unaccounted for female name in the "guest-
starring" list at the beginning, and the only other episode her name
appears is the other episode in which Blackie appears.

} Lucy Morgan, the sheriff's receptionist             Kimmy Robertson

It's actually "Moran", not "Morgan". Her name is visible on the nameplate
on her office door in the very first shot of her we see at the beginning
of the pilot. It's confirmed in the PEOPLE chart.

} Blackie O'Reilly, proprietress of One Eyed Jacks   [unsure of name]

See above.

A couple that you left off:

Trudy ---, waitress at the Great Northern's
           restaurant                                 Jill Rogosheske

  (Well, she *has* appeared in just about every episode!)

The Man from Another Place, a dream dwarf         Michael J. Anderson

  (He was a one-shot, but it was definitely a high-profile role.)

--- Neff, insurance agent                              Mark Lowenthal

  (He could be important later. I'm not positive on the actor's
   name, but again, it's the only unaccounted for name in the
   Guest-Star list.)

You might also want to include the cast to INVITATION TO LOVE.

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