Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Snow
From: (Michael Barnett)
Date: 1990-05-20, 08:15

In article <> (Ray Rosch) writes:
> >The murder has been established as occuring on or about the 24th. of 
> >February.
> >
> >Twin Peaks has been established to be very near the Canadian border, 
> >probably in Washington State.
> >
> >Question - Why no snow on the ground? 
> >
> >Raymond Rosch				Internet:

this would help in placing twin peaks near the western edge of washington.
since washington is next to the ocean, it is in fact relatively rare for
there to be snow at all. (i'm talking about the strip containing bellingham,
seattle, tacoma, etc.) in seattle, it snows maybe once a year, and then
melts within a few days at most. the eastern edge of washington gets quite
a bit of snow during the winter.

mike barnett