Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: What did it say?
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-20, 13:27

In article <>, (Allen Braunsdorf) writes...

} Could someone please send me a transcript of the audio portion of the
} preview?  The Indy ABC affiliate (WRTV 6) ran an Oprah ad over it so
} my tape has the pictures without the right words.  Well, Cooper says
} "Diane," and then the rest is cut off.

Urg.  That is *clearly* a case for capital punishment.

OK, here 'tis:

Coop: "Diane, it's 9:02, and I can't find Twin Peaks. At 8:57, I entered
      the RR Diner for the double-java-hold-the-cow special, and when I
      returned, it was gone. The irony here is not lost. I have searched
      diligently for six weeks to find Laura's murderer and now Twin Peaks
      is missing. My dream revealed that its new location begins with the
      letter 'W', which would make 'Wednesday' an obvious choice. But...
      what about Walla Walla?"

Narrator: "The season finale of Twin Peaks...Wednesday at 10, 9 Central."

Coop: "If Twin Peaks *has* moved to Wednesday, Diane, one question remains:
      Where am I?"

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