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Subject: Commercial Spoilers (was Re: Twin Peaks--more on 5/17)
From: (Usenet News)
Date: 1990-05-21, 08:54
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In article <> jellinghaus-robert@yale.UUCP writes:
>> >>In the last scene at the gazebo we see that Maddie is being watched by 
>> >>someone (the camera has the watcher's eye view).  Now, my girlfriend and I
>> >>speculate that this unknown watcher is the killer (dramatic tension and all).
>> >>Therefore, if this is true, the killer cannot be any of the people who are 
>> >>shown in any of the above scenes.
> >
> >Umm, I don't know.  I think, for reasons given below, that things aren't so
> >simple.

And then I went and forgot to give the reasons I was thinking of!  Well,
here you go.

SPOILER WARNING:  this information comes from the Twin Peaks teaser 
commercial that's currently playing on ABC, which we saw last night while
watching "Voices Within:  The Lives of Truddi Chase" (don't ask).  Those 
who don't revel in sucking every nugget of information out of ABC's marrow
should hit n now.

(I wish I knew how to get an ^L in Emacs)

In the commercial, among other things, we see:

- A fire starting at the mill;
- Jacoby, in some bushes, reaching out towards the camera;
- Cooper opening his closet at the Great Northern, to see someone (we
  only see the person's lower half) who is wearing black clothing and
  leather gloves, and lowering a large gun at Cooper's midriff--Cooper
  looks nonplussed at this;
- Hank looking in a rusty mirror at some unknown location;
- the same shots of Audrey dealing and Leo's pickup surrounded by police
  that were in the previews at the end of last week's episode;
- and possibly some other stuff I missed because we haven't replayed
  the commercial 5 times yet.

Have fun!  I'll post again if I discover anything more.

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