Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Continuity on Twin Peaks
From: ergo@netcom.UUCP (Isaac Rabinovitch)
Date: 1990-05-21, 20:01

I think if you look closely at almost any TV show, you'll see a lot of
continuity mistakes, though few as glaring as the rapid orbit of the
moon on *Twin Peaks*.  When I first got a VCR, I briefly got interested
in doing "frame by frame" studies of screen acting (yeah, I know, nerdish
stuff -- comes from listening to Roger Ebert too much), and came accross
a lot of such strangeness:  objects magically appearing and disappearing
from people's hands; colors of clothes suddenly changing, etc.  It happens
in movies too.

This isn't because Twin Peaks has a lot of different directors.  They
typically have some flunkie whose sole job is to watch out for such mistakes.
But I think they crop up a lot more on TV because of the murderous schedules
under which TV shows are produced.