Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: I just noticed this...
From: gene@uokmax.uucp (Gene Johannsen)
Date: 1990-05-21, 00:26

	I was just looking over the booklet that came with my CD of 'Floating
Into The Night' and I found in the list of people to thank the name Bob.  Just
Bob.  No last name.

	This album has a lot to do with the series.  Every song seems to make
references to the wind or birds or some strange love affair: When you told me
your secret name/I burst into flame/and burned.  Things like that.

	Wouldn't it be odd if the secret to who killed LP is somewhere on this
album?  Break the code and solve the crime.

	By the way, the music that was playing as Hawk, Truman, Cooper and Doc
were approaching the cabin is also on this album.  It is called 'Into the Night'