Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: News Flash! TWIN PEAKS renewed!
From: ergo@netcom.UUCP (Isaac Rabinovitch)
Date: 1990-05-21, 19:53
Newsgroups: (Cisco's Buddy) writes:

> >(3) The season finale was filmed with different endings depending on
> >whether the show would be picked up for the fall. The editor is now
> >hard at work putting the right ending on the episode. Let's hope he
> >doesn't make a mistake. :-)
Now, if each ending reveals a different killer, that makes three
different solutions, counting the one on the theatrical version
(released in Europe only).  I only hope the one we get to see makes
more sense than any of the solutions in *Clue*!

> >["Cooper beats Truman for Sheriff's spot in a landslide election!"]
I think they already planed for Cooper to live as a private citizin
in Twin Peaks.  There was a subtle suggestion in one of his little
voice memos.

> >(4) The current nine hours will be re-run to lead into the fall season.
And to allow some of us slower folks to figure out the plot details we
missed on the first try!