Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RENEWED!!!!
From: (Jonathan D.)
Date: 1990-05-21, 14:34

Of course, you're probably going to see thousands of messages like
this, but I just saw it live, so that makes me the first.

On Donahue just now, Mr. Post (the exec producer) just indicated that
he was just informed that Twin Peaks has been renewed.

Not so surprisingly, he also said that several endings had been shot
and one would be picked for Wednesday's broadcast depending on whether
the show had been renewed or not.  Smart move.

The other interesting thing is that we will get to see "parts of"
Diane.  (maybe she's washing Cooper's little Elvis :-)

What a relief.  The show will be repeated during the summer.

To clarify, Lynch directed three of the 9 hours already shot,
including the pilot.