Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Theories and points of interest
From: (Rich Rosen)
Date: 1990-05-21, 22:53

This article contains a theory (ahem) and a point of interest as well as
supporting possibilities.  It should be noted that the theory (which is,
according to its proponent, not a theory at all, but a statement of fact about
events) comes from the same person who came up with the "Two Lydecker Theory".
For what that's worth.

In the most recent episode (5/17), when Nadine is watching "Invitation to
Love", we see "Chet" shooting "Montana" as Nadine roots on.  When Chet is done
shooting Montana, we see him motion to the side of his face, with his left hand
reaching for a point just below his right ear.  My friend's (alias Killer
Ben's) theory is that he is about to remove a mask a la the classic mask
removal motion of Rollin Hand et al from the old "Mission: Impossible".  Close
examination of the scene in slow motion shows Chet's hand reaching for that
very point on his face, but no further evidence of mask removal.  What does
this mean?  Who knows, but there have been plenty of parallels between
Invitation to Love and the actual plotline, so these things may be of note.

1) In an earlier scene from ITL, Montana is seen beating up this guy Chet who
is seen shooting him in the aforementioned scene.  There is some sort of
parallel between Montana--Chet and Leo--Shelley, but I have no idea what it is
or if there is any significance to this at all.

2) In the scene later in the 5/17 episode in which Jacoby is also watching ITL,
we see Jade (?) being given a drink by someone wearing a leather jacket, saying
"Here's to old times".  Is this supposed to be Montana, who was just shot?  And
the other question:  is Jacoby watching live, or is he watching a videotape of
a previous episode?  And again, ditto the proviso in the above paragraph.

The other point of interest/theory/whatever-it-is is this:  when Cooper
announces that they are going undercover at One Eyed Jack's, he lets his
buddies know that there is $10,000 in bureau money to be played with here
in their act as high rolling oral surgeons.  The question is, where did this
money come from?  Granted, even though we never saw a shipment of cash arriving
from the bureau for Cooper's use, it *could* have come in without our seeing it
happen.  However, wasn't $10,000 precisely the amount of money found in Laura's
safe deposit box?  Seems might curious to me...
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		Rich Rosen