Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP cast on Donahue - possible spoilers
From: (Jim Morton)
Date: 1990-05-21, 21:04

For those that didn't see/tape it, some of the TP cast and Mark
Frost were on Donahue Monday, 5/21. The most interesting questions
were those answered by Frost, who I have to say looked almost
exactly like "Michael" on the Newhart show. Some of the following
might be considered a spoiler to next season, so be forewarned.

o The cast members on the show were the actors who play Norma,
  Catherine, Bobby, Shelly, Leo, and Laura/Madeleine. (Nope,
  no Audrey!)

o They took a poll on who (some of) the viewing public though the
  killer was:
		31% - Jacoby
		17% - Leo
		11% - Jacques
		11% - Bobby
		 8% - James
		 6% - (still alive)
		 4% - Catherine
		 4% - Ben
		 3% - (suicide)
		 3% - Leland
		 1% - Cooper
		 1% - Josie

o The day of the taping, Frost got word that ABC picked up the show
  for the Fall - to be on Saturdays at 10:00 pm.

o Lynch, who directed 3 of the 9 hours this season, will be back for
  more in the Fall. The 9 hours from this season will be rerun this

o There were different endings depending on whether the show was picked
  up for the Fall or not. Frost said he would "polish it off or not
  polish it off" depending upon renewal, and since the ABC announcment
  the post production people were "working feverishly to not polish
  it off" for the final episode this season.

o Frost said (no surprise) there were "quite a number of clues" in
  the Dream sequence. Nobody gave ANYTHING away, though.

o Frost made no apologies for the drawn out grief sequences. He said
  too many TV shows have violence and then cut to commercial, and that
  in the real world people have real and ongoing grief.

o Frost said we might learn the identity of the killer in the final
  episode this year, but we "should draw our own conclusions."

o We will see "various parts" of Diane in coming episodes.

Jim Morton, APPLiX Inc., Westboro, MA