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Subject: Defining quality (Re: Twin Peaks _WILL_ be renewed (but should we be happy?))
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-05-22, 21:56

In article <>, (Eugene Fiume) writes...

}} "Twin Peaks is the most innovative and interesting show since The
}} Singing Detective!". High praise indeed. 

} I share that critic's opinion.  The Singing Detective was a fascinating
} series [...] And before SD and TP, you might have to go all the way back
} to Brideshead Revisited for a show of comparable quality.

Well, I'd say it depends on what criteria one applies. If what you're
looking for is innovation, multi-level approach, and the like, then I
would agree. But if the criteria for "a show of quality" are drawn from
basic production aspects: cinematography, music, acting, direction,
costuming, set design and decoration, and the like, I would nominate
AVONLEA, on the Disney Channel (in the US, and commercial tv in Canada)
as being at the very least the equal of TWIN PEAKS. AVONLEA in most ways
is exactly what TWIN PEAKS is not -- it's something you expect to find
on television. But it's so *well done* you don't care.

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