Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Do YOU live in Twin Peaks?
From: tneff@bfmny0.UU.NET (Tom Neff)
Date: 1990-05-22, 21:31

Has anyone noticed, in the last six weeks, that their OWN small town
seems suspiciously Twin Peaks-like?  I spend a lot of time in a small
Connecticut seacoast town with a diner, a few cops, a couple of major
things like the Lodge and the Sawmill, etc, and I am starting to look
at people with *new eyes* when I walk around the town.

Maybe this is what TP has in common with its oddly paired
"other-new-show" buddy, the Simpsons: it makes you look at your own
surroundings and shudder.  :-)

PS the s**tbrain who forged that rmgroup should have the letters
"snorkelwhacker" shoved under his fingernails one at a time...