Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Julee Cruise, "Wild at Heart", renewal
From: (A Modem User)
Date: 1990-05-22, 11:41

For those of you watching VH-1 on Monday the 21st, their "New Visions:
Rock" segment featured a performance by Julee Cruise. She sang a song
called "Up In Flames" which is NOT available on her album "Floating Into
The Night". Does anybody know if this music is available elsewhere? As
the flipside to one of her singles (if she has any)? In any event, it
was a pretty good song -- and the ending keyboard melodies were right out
of "Twin Peaks," specifically the music to which Audrey was dancing at
the Cafe. No, it wasn't Angelo Badalamenti at the keyboards, either; just
the "VH-1 House Band". Super.

Also, bad news for "Wild At Heart," even though it won top honors at
Cannes: David Lynch is contractually obliged to edit certain scenes out
of the film to achieve an "R" rating here in the states, should the
MPAA object to any of the material in the film, which the director doesn't
doubt. As quoted from the San Francisco Chronicle, Lynch says, "This is
not a landmark film" when referring to a possible change in the Ratings
System to allow for a non-X Adults Only Rating. Whatever the case, it'll
be out in August, no doubt with a few snippets of sex and violence taken
away. Too bad, but so much for artistic integrity in Hollywood.

As far as renewal of "Twin Peaks" is concerned, I disagree that an en-
capsulated format would in the long run be more satisfying than a soap
opera. There are well over 30 somewhat major characters (and a slew of
minor ones) with their own secrets and histories to be revealed on the
show. While admitting that it would seem a tad implausible to keep
coming up with grisly crimes to solve (if you think that would be a
problem with a soap opera format, imagine the difficulty if they ended
up resorting to a "Murder, She Wrote" one!), there are many many direct-
ions the show could take. All it takes is a little imagination; I'm sure
that a good plot swing could involve the already very real issue of
Californians migrating to Washington and buying all the available houses.
There's a big gripe about that amongst Washingtonians right now, and
certainly some Twin Peaks nasties could get involved in real estate
swindles with the wealthy folk down the coast.