Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Kill the two-Lydecker theory and remember the railroad car
From: (JohnHallyburton)
Date: 1990-05-22, 11:42

There is only one Lydecker, his name is Bob.

We are told this at the "shootout at the rusticated mildew farm", when
Mike the one-armed shoe salesman says (and I paraquote) "Bob Lydecker's
just about the best veterinarian in these parts".

Any theory about how Laura died has to take into account the second set
of twine bindings and the railroad car.  We don't *know* where she died,
but it's not as simple as bad-guy-enters-cabin-kills-Laura-disposes-of-body.
Not much blood was found at the cabin -- she died from loss of blood --
and there's a trip to a railroad car yet to be accounted for.  Lack of blood
in the cabin leads me to believe Laura was alive when she was taken to
the railroad car.  (Though you could fashion a careful murder in the cabin
followed by corpse-play at the railroad car; just not my preferred theory).

I do like the theory that a Flesh World reader did the killing.  That way
the previous (Teresa Banks) murder fits in with Laura's death and we don't
have to sit through an oddball explanation about someone being out of town.
Plus it would be odd to kill somebody far away, *then* close to yourself.

Whatever happened to Harriet, Donna's younger sister?  Did she run off with
Mike, Donna's former boyfriend?

John (opinions my own, except it is a FACT that there is no "a" in "definitely")