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Subject: Re: David Lynch news [twin peaks/Cannes film festival]
From: (One of the Lonely Guys)
Date: 1990-05-22, 23:02
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies,,

In article (gribble) writes:

   Yes, on CNN at noon today, Lynch was quoted that it would be cut
   for the US market.  Too bad.  How much worse than Blue Velvet could
   it be?  BTW, was that movie ever released in a R version?

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Well, I haven't personally seen the uncut version, but my old roommate
saw it in LA.  Many people just *walked out* because of the amount of
graphic blood and guts.  This is not to say I condem the film
(actually I am looking forward to it), but in the first five minutes
she saw, it went far beyond the realm of Blue Velvet!  I guess it is
more graphical violence then implied as in B.V.  I wish I could give
details, but I would rather people send me personal requests instead
of ruining any of the plot for the unsuspecting reader (which she did
for me, despite my complaints- roommates, gotta love 'em)

Chuck Monahan
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