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Subject: Re: Snow
From: davidbe@sco.COM (The Cat in the Hat)
Date: 1990-05-22, 14:01
Reply-to: dave@sco.COM (The Cat in the Hat)

Yo!  Dig what (Michael Barnett) sez:
-In article <> (Ray Rosch) writes:
->The murder has been established as occuring on or about the 24th. of 
->Twin Peaks has been established to be very near the Canadian border, 
->probably in Washington State.
->Question - Why no snow on the ground? 
-this would help in placing twin peaks near the western edge of washington.
-since washington is next to the ocean, it is in fact relatively rare for
-there to be snow at all. (i'm talking about the strip containing bellingham,
-seattle, tacoma, etc.) in seattle, it snows maybe once a year, and then
-melts within a few days at most. the eastern edge of washington gets quite
-a bit of snow during the winter.

In that case, where are they getting all those clear nights?  My guess 
is that if it's Washington, it *has* to be the eastern border, but more
likely this whole thing takes place in Idaho.  Well, a proverbial Idaho,
since the scenery doesn't match up with the given location.

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