Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Suspicions
From: mcintyrS@batman.moravian.EDU (The Shadow Lord)
Date: 1990-05-22, 11:15

   Several Points.

   First, In the 1944 film "Laura," a young woman named Laura is suppossedly
murdered.  The detective falls in love with the dead woman. However, it turns
out that a double of the woman is murdered, and Laura is really alive.  The
killer turns out to be Waldo Lydecker.  In TP, the vet is Lydecker, the Myna
bird is Waldo.  Is Madeline Laura?  

  Next, I am tired of these outlandish theories regarding Laura's killer.  
Let's look  at the suspects.

  The least likely are as follows:  Leland(he may have committed incest, but
he's no killer.), Catherine and Tom Martell(may be an unhappy couple, but 
neither are killers of Laura--Catherine may have plotted to kill Jocie, but I
don't think she killed Laura.), Dr. Jacoby(He is the only one who truly loved
Laura for her real self; everyone else loved the illusion of Laura, not Laura),
James(He's too sickeningly good to have done it--same goes for Donna.),
Cooper(He's innocent because he signed a five year contract.), Audrey(Killing
is not eccentric enough for her.)

  The most likely are as follows:  Bobby Briggs(Remember that in Cooper's dream,
that "Robert" killed Laura.), Norma's ex-con Husband(He makes Leo look like an
annoying kindergartener.), Norma(Her beauty masks hidden viciousness.), Leo(The
only way he would have killed Laura is if someone ordered him to do so.), Ben
Horne(Remember, Laura worked at his dept store as well as One-eyed Jack's.),
Sherrif Truman(Is he as really innocent as he seems?), Naidine(She's far from
being as kooky as she seems.), Josie--My favorite Suspect(She began as an 
innocent beauty; now, we learn that not only is she the lover of Ben Horne and
Jennings, but she is plotting to kill Catherine.  It would be the ultimate
joke on the viewer, to have begun her as the heroine, and to have ended her
as the killer.)

   In the future, please do not rely on Cooper's intuition to solve the crime,
please think before you write these ill-thought theories.

							Tim Smith
						(and Sean McIntyre typing)