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Subject: Twin Peaks and One Eye'd Jacks (the movie)
From: (Ed Kademan)
Date: 1990-05-22, 06:12

I tried posting this once before but I don't think it made it out so
my apologies if you get it twice.

In the movie "One Eye'd Jacks" Marlon Brando and Karl Malden play two
outlaws who rob a bank and get stranded out in the desert.  Malden
deserts Brando who spends several years in jail, and then escapes to
seek revenge.  He (Brando) tracks Malden down to this small town where
Malden has managed to hide his past and become sheriff.  The term "One
Eye'd Jacks" refers to hypocrites who act noble and good but are
really corrupt, and applies to Malden in the movie.

Others on the net have noted the allusions to films in Twin Peaks but
as far as I can recall this is the only movie that any character in
the show mentions explicitly (Donna in her conversation with Audrey in
the women's room of the high school), and it suggests some interesting
parallels.  Can Truman be hiding something?  Could he be connected to
Hank somehow?  Such movie allusions should not be taken in a strictly
literal or schematic way and I don't think that Sheriff Truman killed
Laura Palmer, but the scene in the 5/17 episode where he confronts
Hank in the diner and later tells Cooper something to the effect that
"I don't believe people can change." resonates very strongly with the
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