Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: More Circumstantial Evidence that Leland did it (10/6)
From: (Jennifer Hawthorne)
Date: 1990-10-06, 22:30

Spoilers for 10/6, stop if you haven't see it yet:

Well, _that_ was an interesting experience!  I'll leave detailed
commentary to the experts (especially to those who managed to get
their VCRs working...I, unfortunately, did not :-() but I want to
comment on one aspect that really struck me: the fact that Leland
identified "BOB" and the circumstances that Leland knows him from.  

This goes back to the Leland-as-sexual-abuser-of-Laura theory.  It is
known that people who are abused as children very often become child
abusers in turn.  So, my theory is that the "real" BOB was the person
that Leland knew when he was a boy, and that "BOB" molested Leland
when Leland was young, possibly repeatedly.  As a result, Leland
developed a split personality, and the "bad" half of Leland has taken
on the personality of BOB, the person responsible for the trauma.
 Leland as BOB acts out his childhood trauma at the hands of the "real
BOB" on his own daughter and eventually kills her.

And now it appears he's become fixated on Maddie, which she has picked
up on. Remember the look he gave her when she went out to meet Donna
and James?  And she does look like Laura...

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