Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: predictions,
From: ddulmage@cdp.UUCP
Date: 1990-10-06, 12:35


Ok, here's the big picture as I see it..

Taking into account that if I were a director, and given the luxury
of having the ability to be able to create what is really a 20,40,50
hour long movie interrupted by a weeks worth of commercials, I believe
that we have only just seen the tip of a very large iceberg.
        I think that the death of Laura will soon become trivial and
pale to what Lynch has in store for us. A lot of folks here have
proposed that the murderer(s) may turn out to be the most innocent
looking of the bunch, i.e. Donna, Andy, etc. Assuming Lynch wants
to keep the show alive, he is going to have to create a need to keep
Cooper around (the show won't go very far without him).
        So, taking this theory, I would suggest that although we
will see Laura's murder resolved fairly soon (to keep our attention)
that the plot of the show may turn towards the activities of Major
Briggs. Now a lot of this has to do with my dyed in the wool 
conspiracy theorist paranoia. 
        What in the world is a Major, with all those decorations,
doing conducting classified work in the Twin Peaks area?   
        It's not exactly a hotbed of the aerospace industry..
In regards to the premiere episode, Major Briggs was definitely not
his usual self, and I predict he will either disappear or end up
dead fairly soon.. Which of course may be the required reason to
keep Cooper around once Laura's story has been played out.
        If Lynch/Frost manage to steer clear of going too far into
an occult explanation for the murders, I suspect we may be witnessing
the creation of a masterpiece of filmaking. All of these apparently
linked storylines may suddenly turn into completely independent events
that only share a common link that they all occurred in a small town
during the same chunk of time. This is usually the reality of how
events happen. Most people think that Lynch is very far from reality,
but in fact I find the storylines of T.P. to be fairly tame in
comparison to what can and does happen in small communities
in North America.  
        Lynch has become expert at exploiting the real horrors of
life in Your Town U.S.A. I realized that the feeling of sadness
that I felt after viewing Blue Velvet came not from what happened
in the film, but from reminding me of some of the things in my
youth that I have now just recognized for what they were, i.e.
childhood friends being abused, alcohol/drug abusing parents (Ward
Cleaver on valium, June on Methadrine and Schnopp's)..
        So, keep your fingers crossed that the network keeps
T.P. alive, and keep an eye on the Major ..
"he hats lothz ov thee cretz"

Doug "A to D" Dulmage