Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: comments on 9/30 premiere
From: (Chris Lang)
Date: 1990-10-06, 20:44

In article <> c2h5oh@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (Idealistic Bibliomystic) writes:
> >Maybe because Lucy said he was strangled when she was telling him what
> >had happened to everyone. Just a blunder on her part I assume, may or
> >may not be a glitch. Probably is, they seem to be getting careless.

This seems to be the case, since Albert corrected the information in his
conversation with Cooper.  More interesting is the question of Cooper's
former partner.  Who is he, why was he in a mental(?) institution, and
why is his escape so worrisome to the two?

And it seems the question of BOB's reality hasn't been cleared up at all.
Maddy certainly sees BOB as possessing physical reality when he comes at
her, but it's quite clear that neither Donna nor James see him, nor does
Gaddy when she looks a second time.  It's rather doubtful that BOB could
have escaped or hidden in the couple seconds it took for Donna and James
to arrive, so it seems he doesn't have a purely physical existance.

Also, if Leland remembers BOB from his early childhood, it would seem that
BOB certainly ages gracefully... or he's not a physical being (or perhaps
just not a human being?)  Since it seems that the supernatural/alien
presence is now firmly entrenched (COOPER/COOPER/COOPER/COOPER...), some
of the theories about BOB's origins don't come across as being so 
farfetched anymore.

And... is Ben's request to Jerry just an idle expression of anger, or might
Leland be checking out soon?  Ben certainly didn't seem too upset when he
reported Audrey missing, either, did he?

Furthermore, Ben and Jerry's (love that!) business plans seem to be 
falling apart in short order.  Jerry, in particular, looked far less
competent than he has in the past, although Ben also didn't look as in
control, either.

Finally, what happened to Hank that turned him from "one of the best of us"
into a drug-dealer and a murderer?

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