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Subject: Re: More Circumstantial Evidence that Leland did it (10/6)
From: crisper@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (71013000)
Date: 1990-10-06, 23:39

In article <> (Chris Lang) writes:

> >[stuff deleted] ...........................................  What does
> >surprise me is that he said nothing to Cooper until the Log Lady tells
> >him to.  First of all, why would he keep the information from Cooper for
> >almost two whole days?  I would think that alien communications with a
> >specific recipient would warrant faster action than that.             

     I think the delay could be attributed to the fact that Briggs and
Cooper, as I recall, had never formally met. Major Briggs would have
been very uncertain about their received message, but he would almost
certainly avoid leaping to conclusions without some kind of reassurance.
Until the Log Lady TOLD him he had a message to deliver, he probably
wasn't sure one way or the other, especially since showing the message
to Cooper almost certainly indicates a violation of military secrecy.

     So, is it just my imagination, or was the wierd kid who did the
creamed corn trick "Austin David Lynch"? (I can just see it now--
"Can you do a wierd favor for Daddy? Just hold this creamed corn in your
hands for a couple of minutes, ok?")

     -- Dan Johnson
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