Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Poor Benjamin
From: forestwatch@cdp.UUCP
Date: 1990-10-06, 08:38

	Pat sez:  "Josie has pictures of the affair between Ben
	and Catherine.  All she has to do is produce these
	pictures at the right time and Ben Horne will go bye-bye.

	I don't think this is true.  For on e thing, Harry 
already knows that Ben and Catherine have had an affair.  "Its
something that's been going on for years."  B.Horne is Horney.
This wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone on TP--even his 
	In fact, I have a theory that Laura Palmer is actually
Ben Horne's illegitimate daughter--the diary certainly hints of
an unnaturally close relationship between them.  And there are
those pictures of Laura all over Ben's office.  The theory goes
like this:  Ben, a young, ambitious businessman, has an affair
with the vivacious red-head Sarah.  A child is concieved.  Ben
can not afford the publicity of a divorce or the financial problems
that would ensue.  So he makes a deal with his bumbling childhood
friend--Leland.  Marry Sarah, be a father to Laura, and in exchange
be employed as the Horne attorney.  This would make the incest
between Leland and Laura slightly distasteful to the prime-time

Jeffrey St. Clair

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