Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Giant: A Theory
From: horny@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-10-06, 15:32

In article writes:
> >More likely the giant is a spirit of the trees, which would explain
> >his height!  What did Tolkien call them, "ents"???
> >---- Henry Kautz

This is most certainly correct!  The diary offers too many references
to special trees to list, but I'll list the most convincing example. (pg. 47)

"    Listening to the Wood
Inside the trees are souls I think
Souls that grow and change
Inside each leaf, so quiet
A memory of moments no one else has seen
But no man ever listens
Takes the time to think
That trees might see what happens
That in the way they rustle
Is a hint they wish to speak.

They might have tried to whisper
In the palm of someone's hand
their memory of a little girl
How there is a new hole inside her
And a new and smaller mouth
But no one believes or cares
That maybe

The tree would know
Something was very wrong
That it wants to talk about the sadness
It has seen so many nights
I think the world
Should walk deep into the woods
Listen very carefully,
To the voices in the leaves.
See the details, the tiny maps
Of footsteps, and sometimes stains
They should see that the leaves
Are shaped like tears 
They should study the design in fallen needles
That will lead the world
To the one who made
The hole."

(the hole is a reference to a metaphorical Laura's baby, the new
Laura resulting from BOB's influence.  i.e. the maker of the
hole is BOB, so the tree will lead the world to BOB)

I am totally convinced, but you can take it as a dumb random poem if you like.     Michael Kaye
"Dad took off all of his clothes and shouted, "It's a dream...
 Fucking relax, would you?... `"     --L