Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Horne Brothers said it all (10/6)
From: (Chris Lang)
Date: 1990-10-06, 21:05

In article <> (Delia Cioffi) writes:
> >Oh Jeeze. It's all Cooper's dream. The whole freaking thing is Cooper's
> >dream. He's really the one strapped to a wheelchair in some loony bin,
> >an old retired FBI man---always a little flakey---who finally went off
> >the deep end back in '89, right about the time of those terrible murders
> >up in the northwest....
> >
> >Things be gettin *hot* ... 

Part of me really likes this theory.  It's so twisted, it fits.  But I
think this would truly be the cheap way out, and I don't think Lynch
would take it.  If nothing else, the existence of the merchandise such as
Laura's diary and the Diane tapes suggests to me that we are seeing the
physical reality, such as it is.  Of course, that's a pretty flimsy 
defense, but my gut tells me that this isn't all a dream.  Not Cooper's,
at least.  Perhaps...BOB's?  Or an alien's?

I really hope I'm right.  I, personally, would feel very cheated if this
all turned out to be a dream.  I suspect I wouldn't be the only one,

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