Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: What did the Asian man say?
From: hjohar@rnd.GBA.NYU.EDU (Lt. Columbo)
Date: 1990-10-06, 09:00
Reply-to: hjohar@rnd.UUCP (Lt. Columbo)

In article <> (Patrick J. LoPresti) writes:
> >"I would like to place an international call.  Collect, to Hong Kong."
> >
> >That is all that was said in the second call.  It obviously proves that
> >Josie is BOB, that she killed Laura, attacked Jacoby, and shot Cooper.
> >She's probably the giant, too.
> >

It dos'nt prove any such thing. What it really proves is that Josie is
really Laura Palmer (wearing a josie mask), that she killed Ronnete
Pulaski, and that the person masquerading as Ronnete Pulaski is really
BOB who's actually quite a nice guy who just happens like scaring
people. It also proves that the whole plot was masterminded by the Log
Lady and David Letterman.

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