Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TwinPeaksEvil
From: (Jason F. Harvey)
Date: 1990-10-06, 22:40

Well here's my $0.02 on whom the killer is.  

I believe that BOB is an evil spirtual entity that take over beings and
make them do there bidding.  Right before Laura died she had finally,
one way or another, fought off BOB.  So to take his revenge he took over
Cooper's ex-partner and had him track her down and kill her. After she
had died, BOB left the guy and when the guy woke up and saw what he had
done, he screamed (Just like in the season opener).  BOB also has people
having terrible visions(Such as Maddy's).  

It was said by someone that the mystery could be solved by the second
episode.  Tonight there was talk about Cooper's ex-partner escaping. 
Since Major Briggs brought up that thing about outer space, I can assume
that BOB is either an outer space entity or a inner space phantom-like
creature, and evil in all respects.  

The flaw this has is that it still doesn't solve everything about
Ronette.  There are still many possibilities on why she was at the train

On the other side, there is another force acting here.  It is the entity
of good or peace as which the Giant displays.  He is almost definately a
outer space entity or a inner space phantom-like creature. 

Also some remaining questions?
1)What does all this owl talk really mean?
2)If Cooper just got a Five year contract extension, how far into the
supernatural will Lynch go?

Just my $0.02 

"I feel like my lips have been taped to the tailpipe of a bus."