Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Episode 1 2nd Season
From: (S. A. Wilson)
Date: 1990-10-07, 11:33


There be some spoilers...

Okay. When Leland said he remembered Killer Bob from his youth, right
away I had the feeling that there was more to his connection to Killer
Bob than an uncles neighbor whom Leland occasionally saw, but that
he in fact had been molested by him; now, if this is true than Leland
as Laura's molester is pretty much a sure thing--molesters become
molesters??? Anyway, it seems as though in Twin Peaks land, because
of some gateway, portal, to another world/time, that molestation takes
on a sexual sense, but also a spiritual one in that Bob, BOB, also
rapes the soul of the person, making him/her one of his minions.

Wow...shit...cream corn. That little boy was too freaky, & looked
a little too familar; upon seeing the credits Something Something
Lynch, I knew why.

And is Leland going to be offed..damn his dancing was getting pretty

I still believe that Laura switched not with Maddie, but Ronette.
Laura was BOB's (geez I don't know for sure what to use: BOB, or
Killer Bob) the enity's assistant in the Teresa Bank's murder,
& was about to aide in Ronette's murder; she found out that
Leland had molested these many years ago, and opted for suicide. 
She couldn't physically kill herself, but she could do so, if
BOB thought he was killing Ronette. BOB in human form is Leland,
& hence his grief. 

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