Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Is the media lynching Lynch?
From: (Barry L. Gingrich)
Date: 1990-10-07, 18:23
Reply-to: bgingric@isis.UUCP (Barry L. Gingrich)

Twin Peaks and David Lynch are taking a bashing in the media.
Most of it seems to center around the fact that we haven't
had the whole Laura thang wrapped up (pun intended) by now. 
The _New York Times_ had a fairly nasty piece revolving
around just this question.  Personally, I don't care a whole
lot anymore about who  killed Laura Palmer.  At least, that's
not my main reason for watching TP.

However, if this were happening in real life, the whole
season+2 episodes of TP would have taken place over only 9
days.  Are all real life murder  investigations completed in
a week?  No way.  Is the problem that most tv murders are
solved within an hour (less with commercials)?

Also, Lynch has been raked over the coals in various manners
for "Wild at Heart." Now, I admit that it wasn't as good as
"Blue Velvet", but it was definitely the best movie I've seen
all year.  I'm no Lynch sycophant, but I think that perhaps
his recent success has really aggravated some of the people
who liked his work before he was fashionable.
-- - Barry Gingrich