Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Major Briggs
From: (Andrew Pearlman)
Date: 1990-10-07, 20:36
I feel it is Major Briggs who is the actual start of BOB.

1) Military classified means that he is probably the only one who can
read Cooper's reports as he gives them.  Cooper's unbelievable deductive
abilities would have me scared and fast.  Thus the assassination attempt.

2) Hornes' are too business oriented.

3) Diary mentioned BOB, not little Bobby Briggs somewhere in the text.

4) Gut feeling.  They usually work.  Also, the most climatic murder mysteries
have the murderer walking around in plain view, and the goal is to get the
viewer saying How the hell I miss that???  The 3 strong suspects for this
are the Major, the Doctor, and Leland.  There is also mention in the diary
that BOB doesn't have to worry about Mom and Dad finding out.  The doctor
would have had a lot of problems doing the moving about on that night and
performing all those operations, although that might explain how the
psychatrist survived the heart attack in the middle of night with no apparent

Other notes, do you realize how lucky agent Cooper was that he was wearing
that bulletproof vest, but had let it ride up like that.  The killer saw
him land flat on his face, and watched blood pouring out of the wound, and
must have assumed that all 3 bullets had caused the blood.  Otherwise, he
probably would have been rendered unconcious by the 3 bullet hits, the
assassin would not have seen any blood, and then shot Cooper in the head or
something like that...

Andy Pearlman