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Subject: My guess (for all it's worth)
Date: 1990-10-07, 15:59
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Well, for a long time, I scoffed at the "Laura is alive" theory.  But these 
days, I am all but convinced this is true.  I think there is a lot of evidence
suggesting Laura killed Maddie.  There is also plenty of room for further 
explanation, but here is what I'm thinking. . .
Laura certainly had a decent reason for this.  Her life was pretty screwed up,
and taking over Maddie's life would let her start over.  We also have 
references in the diary to a "trade" with BOB, and this could be what we are
talking about here: Laura sacrifices Maddie in exchange for a new life.  There
is a lot of little stuff related to this such as:
- Maddie destroyed her glasses.  If it is really Laura, she wouldn't need to
   wear them.
- Waldo the bird kept yelling "Laura! Laura!"  There is no reason Laura would
   yell her own name, so we might guess the bird is impersonating someone 
   calling Laura.  Maybe Laura tricked Maddie to the cabin by telling her there
   was a great party.  Once there, she realized what was up, and screamed for
- Jacques tells us that when Laura was tied up, she was yelling a lot.  He says
   it is due to the bird, but if it was Maddie, she might very well have been
- This suggests Jacques was ignorant of the plan to kill her.  I belive this,
   but I think Leo was in on it.  When Maddie started calling for Laura, Leo
   had a problem.  It was going to become obvious that it wasn't Laura.  He
   shoved the chip in her mouth to quiet her, but was still nervous.  He then
   slugged Jacques in the head with a whiskey bottle (Jacques didn't know why),
   and took off with Maddie and Ronette to find Laura (and BOB??)
   BTW, Ronette is a weak link in this theory.  I don't know how much she knew,
   and how she got brought along.  Maybe she "knew too much", and the plan was
   to kill her in the train too.
- Maddie sees blood on the carpet, and this week saw BOB in the living room.
   Either these are visions caused by guilt, she is having flashbacks, or (this
   is really weird) she is unaware of what she has done and is *very* confused
   by the visions.
- Maddie and James are giving each other the eye.  Would make sense if it was
   actually Laura looking for a normal life again.

What is the big picture?  I see a big cult of some sort that Laura got involved
in.  The cult is widespread and is responsible for the "serial killings".  The
killing in the train had a very ritual look to it.  Also, Laura looked pretty
wild in Ronette's vision (as you would guess if she just killed Maddie).  If
this is all true (yeah, right), we can guess the unidentified blood is 
Maddie's.  I see BOB as being a Manson-like figure at the head of the cult, but
I am not clear on how physical vs. spiritual he is.  
   Then again, I spoke to a friend last night who mentioned the "BOB wearing
handcuffs and lipstick" theory mentioned earlier.  Anyone else been able to
check up on this?  He also thinks that the Log Lady's husband is somehow very
key.  An interesting idea.  He supposedly died in a forest fire (walk with me),
and the Log Lady said she couldn't make out the third man the night of the
murder.  Maybe she is covering up for her husband?  Just a thought. . .
Whew.  That is a lot of random rambling, huh?  If anyone can screw up my 
theory, please do!  If anyone can support it further, be my guest.
      	       	     	   Until next Saturday, 10:00,
      	       	     	      	       Dave Pawson
P.S.  Whatever you do, remember: the owls are not what they seem. . .