Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Is the media lynching Lynch?
From: (Tim Shippert)
Date: 1990-10-07, 22:27

bgingric@isis.UUCP (Barry L. Gingrich) writes:
> >Twin Peaks and David Lynch are taking a bashing in the media.
> >Most of it seems to center around the fact that we haven't
> >had the whole Laura thang wrapped up (pun intended) by now. 
> >The _New York Times_ had a fairly nasty piece revolving
> >around just this question.  

	On the other hand, both the main TV critics in the _L.A. Times_
(well, the ones I read, anyway) still rave occasionally about the show.  My
big worry is that if enough critics jump ship, and the audience share stays
pitiful, TP might get cancelled before it runs itself out.  And that would
be a shame.

> >Personally, I don't care a whole
> >lot anymore about who  killed Laura Palmer.  At least, that's
> >not my main reason for watching TP.

	I think anybody who watches for the whodunnit is probably not very
happy at this point.  Those of us who still watch religiously have
transcended the WKLP question.

> >
> >Also, Lynch has been raked over the coals in various manners
> >for "Wild at Heart." Now, I admit that it wasn't as good as
> >"Blue Velvet", but it was definitely the best movie I've seen
> >all year.  I'm no Lynch sycophant, but I think that perhaps
> >his recent success has really aggravated some of the people
> >who liked his work before he was fashionable.

	You can see the same thing with Matt Groening and _The Simpsons_.
Well, I read _Life in Hell_ many years ago, and I still like _The
Simpsons_.  I don't need to be on the fringe to appreciate the good stuff.

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