Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: More Circumstantial Evidence that Leland did it (10/6)
From: (Patricia O Tuama)
Date: 1990-10-07, 10:56

In article <> (Chris Lang) writes:
> >This certainly seems to be what comes to mind after the last episode.  The
> >only trouble is that even if Leland has a split personality, 

Given that the concept of a "split personality" was invented by 
Hollywood and does not exist in real life, it almost seems rather 
pointless to speculate on who has one and why.....

> >explain why everyone who sees BOB sees the same physical being... this
> >would seem to suggest that BOB is still around, and not only as a second
> >personality of Leland's. 

Does BOB's hair color change?  I remember him as being greyer in
Cooper's dream then he was last night when he was scuttling over
the sofa towards Maddie.

Oh yes, the list of objects found in Jacques' stomach that Albert
reads to Cooper is the same or similar to the objects Richard Drey-
fess finds in the stomach of the first shark in Jaws I (although I 
remember the license plate as being from Florida....).