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Subject: Re: The Horne Brothers said it all (10/6)
From: (Delia Cioffi)
Date: 1990-10-07, 06:24

> >In article <> (Delia Cioffi) writes:
>> >>Oh Jeeze. It's all Cooper's dream. The whole freaking thing is Cooper's
>> >>dream.....
> >
> >Part of me really likes this theory.  It's so twisted, it fits.  But I
> >think this would truly be the cheap way out...

         ...but especially if Coop wakes up next to Suzanne Pleshette...

Actually, I think the Dream Thing *could* work, and not as a
cop-out, but ONLY if the "truth" relates in some interesting and poignant
way to the Dream. e.g., Coop did go to TP but botched the case, allowing
Audrey to get killed in the process...Coop ignores his psychic rumblings
the first time around...Coop went to TP with his partner, who somehow
was driven to insanity by the events...

In any case, the Dream device could allow someone like Lynch to *retain*
many of the mystic/bizzare features of his story, rather than simply
dispatching them as "just a dream". It also gives him a
chance to tell his story *twice*, via the translations of a particular
individual's psychology (something I wager he'd be delighted to do..)
Somebody works through the same twisted reality two different ways.

I also very much like the notion (posted before) that the image of BOB
is the archetype which appears to every child who is abused (leland by
his grandpa? Laura/Maddie). This idea a communal image of terror is
also very Lynchian.
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