Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Kid Magician
From: (David Hafken)
Date: 1990-10-07, 10:11

In article <> (Eugene Fiume) writes:
> >So, why does that kid magician look like a scale model of David Lynch, and
> >why does he (appear to) say "J'ai un ame solitaire", which roughly translates
> >as "I have a solitary soul"?  I thought at first he said "homme" [man], but
> >that doesn't make much sense.  The kid's French is about as good as mine.

Ahh, I was waiting for a discussion about this to start up...
First of all, I thought the kid said "J'ai une homme chaud de terre."
For which I could come up with two loose translations:
"I have a man hot from (of) the earth," or, if we use "chaud de terre" VERY
liberally, "I have a man from hell" or even "I have a devil."

A problem with this is that I clearly heard him say "une" and not "un." But 
homme is masculin.  I'm also not sure about the homme or chaud part, but I
am pretty sure that he said "J'ai" in the beginning and "de terre" at the

So what do other people think? (Preferably a french scholar!)

And what is up with this creamed corned magician stuff?  It looks like
the supernatural is invading just about everyones reality now, and it is
certainly here to stay.

(Possibly the converging of those two universes/worlds that someone mentioned
a while back?)


(And leave my cheese pig alone!)