Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Kid Magician
From: (Jennifer Hawthorne)
Date: 1990-10-07, 11:34

> >In article <> (Eugene Fiume) writes:
> >So, why does that kid magician look like a scale model of David Lynch, and

My reaction on meeting this kid wasn't that he looked like Lynch, but
that he was almost a dead ringer for the Man From Another Place in
Cooper's third-episode dream.  

	A)  He was short -- a "dwarf"
	B)  He was wearing a tux.  Wasn't the dwarf wearing one in the
dream?  Coop certainly was.
	C)  He snapped his fingers, like the dwarf did.
	D)  He talked garbled, like the dwarf did (okay, maybe it was
French and not backwards English, but he still talked garbled.)
	E)  He did "magic".  The dwarf didn't do magic but the kid's
magic suggests that he's closely involved with the "other place", the
supernatural side of Twin Peaks, as the dwarf seems to be.

Also, is the kid the Magician mentioned in the dream -- "Through
darkness of future past/The magician longs to see"???


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