Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: BOB in the Town Hall?
From: (Michael O'Malley (aka Fred fnord Meyer))
Date: 1990-10-08, 09:39

During Ronette's vision, we see a fade-in of Bob running and screaming into
some building. "Outside", it was black/dark. The doorway that he came 
through was a double-door entranceway, framed with dark wood, with yellowish
walls. We only see the structure for about 1 second due to the closing-in
upon Bob. When I wondered as to what building it could be, the only one which
came to mind was the "town hall" (where the town gathered to here Cooper's
announcement, and the only place where we saw Mayor Milford..). I thought
of it only because of its similarity in structure (if I remember it cor-
rectly..) rather than any underlying significance of the town hall itself.

Any thought's on this? After episode #10 (10/6/90), I realize that it *could*
have been the Hayward's due to Madeline's vision... 

No theories on this one yet....

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