Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Harry Truman did it (here I go again)
From: HARTLEBN@pucc.Princeton.EDU (Christian Albrecht Hartleben)
Date: 1990-10-08, 20:42
Reply-to: HARTLEBN@pucc.Princeton.EDU

For those of you with VCR's ....
Of course these are spoilers !   Anyway.
  - Ronette stares off into the distance and has blurry vision when we
    visit her in the hospital. The sketches of suspects are held by Cooper
    so as to unknowingly block Truman's face from her view.
  - You can hear her yelling "shhshsh"  "trtrr" What do you think she's saying?
  - Top shelf, behind some books, Truman's office. See the Black and white
    picture, the one that looks a great deal like the sketches of Bob. Hmm.
  - What is that necklace Harry is wearing? It was not there before, and it is
    most definately meant to be seen this season.
                                         Gobbledy-guk term, but hey.
  - Bob is, as was rightly pointed out, the socio-viral psychological disease
    of sexual molestation. He is not a specific person, he is at this point at
    least several specific people.  To wit:
      Leland's Uncle?/Grandfather's neighbor -- molests -- Leland
      Leland                                 -- molests -- Laura
      Laura                                  -- molests -- Harold Smith (diary)
      Laura (almost)  "Would you like to play with BoB?" to James
      and of course, Harry S Truman...... but we must wait to see why...
  - You could hear Laura's voice in the reverb of James' singing before
    Maddy joined in. wonderful.
  - Maddy now sees visions because she has taken Laura's place in the household
    as Leland's daughter. I'll even venture that the stain on the carpet was
    Laura's blood from the first time she was cut, as described in the diary,
    by her father raping her.

      Look here, anybody who has any of TP on tape, I offer a friendly
         challenge. Watch it, pretending you know that Harry is the killer.
            When you find yourself complimenting Lynch/Frost on having put
              all of these clues in so early, then you'll see the light.

Quick, will somebody please bet me huge sums of money? I can't find anyone to
bet with here. I accidentally convinced them all.(with the help of my ex-room-
  Chris "You can say things against Lynch but I can't heeaar you" Hartleben