Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Messages, French and more exotic
From: spok@MATHOM.GANDALF.CS.CMU.EDU (John Ockerbloom)
Date: 1990-10-08, 17:04

The French sentence that the young Lynch spoke while holding
the cream corn sounded to me like

          J'ai une ame solitaire 

(translation: I have a solitary soul.)    

The "alien" message bugs me.  I haven't gone back to look at the
printout, but it looked like the printout data was supposed to be
radio signal samples, encoded into a four-character format (usually
a letter and some digits.)  So how could *any* external signal, whether
from aliens or not, yield strings like COOPER/COOPER/COOPER?
Unless you were intervening at some point *after* the signals were
supposedly received and encoded, I don't see how you'd do it.

(Of course, I'd imagine that whoever inserted the message would have
to know the implementation of the signal-coder very well, since there is as
yet no universal standard for transmitting text via radio.)

In any case, there still exist numerous possible meanings
and sources for Major Briggs' message.  Some of them could
be quite intriguing.  (I leave the possibilities as an exercise
for the reader.)  But I'll be disappointed if Lynch develops
the story to be dependent on the message taken at face value.

John Ockerbloom
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