Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Okay, who has seen killer BOB anyway?
From: (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-10-08, 02:00

I'm using secret diary info here.  Don't blame me if you read this. :)

Who's seen BOB?  This list ignores what the giant says about 3 have 
seen him blah blah etc...

  1) Laura            for at least 6 years.
  2) Ronette          train car.  May have heard about him from Laura too.
  3) Sarah Palmer     Vision(s) (donna + top of stairs)
  4) Cooper           his dream.
  5) Madeline         vision (haywards + fire).  Probably earlier ones. 
  6) Leland Palmer    met BOB as a child at the lake. (just like Laura! hmm..)
and maybe
  7) One Armed Mike   Coop's dream implies mike knows BOB in a very big way.

Who else knew about BOB prior to the murder?

  8) Log Lady         knows about owls being big, children being victims.
  9) LL's husband/log/giant/tree This spirit seems to know something about BOB.
 10) harold smith     strange bird tells him he'll die if he goes out. owl?
                      Laura tells harold alot of things.  maybe BOB, maybe not
                      Harold has the secret diary, if he read it he knows lots
 11) Leo              perhaps he saw BOB the night Laura was murdered. nah.
 12) Pierre Tremond   Laura told this magic kid a bit about BOB
 13) Jacoby           might have learned about BOB from Laura during counceling.
 14) James            "Do you want to play with fire?  Want to play with BOB?"
 15) Bobby            Bobby might have caught a little about BOB from Laura.
 16) Johnny Horne     Hey.  Stop laughing.  I'm serious here.  maybe  :)

random thoughts:  maddy and sarah have had weird dreams for a very long time.
Leo tells laura that he hears voices in the woods.  Jacques is 6 feet under.
I think one armed mike is the one the giant says is ready to talk about BOB.

BOB is not a simple physical being.  I think he's an evil spirit who
likes to hang out inside owls and Leland from time to time, and was 
almost done taking over Laura when she died.  Poor Leland and Laura.
I'll elaborate more about BOB in my next (hopefully less messy) post.

Michael Kaye
"Dad took off all his clothes and shouted, `It's a dream ...
 Fucking relax would you?`"   --L