Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: turn
From: gail@wet.UUCP (Gail Gurman)
Date: 1990-10-08, 19:02

Well, I don't remember Leland saying that he knew Bob as a real person.
I could be wrong, I haven't reviewed the tape yet, but my theory (which
is mine) is this (ahem):

Bob is the evil in the woods.  He's been there a long time--a very long
time.  He has been haunting people in the area for ages.  He especially
preys on very young girls (typical of ghosts) but occasionally haunts
boys, too.  Back when Leland was a kid, his family used to summer (?) at
Pearl Lakes (not very far, I think, from Twin Peaks).  While there,
Bob haunted him.  However, he was very young at the time, the haunting
was probably short-lived, and the experience horrifying enough for
him to suppress it.

Now, many years later, he's acting crazy.  There are two related
possibilities for this.  One is that the suppressed experiences with
Bob came out as sexual abuse of Laura and now he is feeling guilty
(I believe this most) or he somehow recognized or sensed Laura's
experiences and they brought out weird reactions in him (I'm kind
of unclear about this idea).

Anyway, now he sees the picture of Bob and he recognizes him from
his boyhood haunting.  What do you think?


PS.  Jerry said something to Ben that seemed to basically sum up
     the whole atmosphere of the show.  I believe it was:  "Is this
     real or just some twisted dream?

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