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Subject: Re: ...DON'T READ THIS PLEASE...
From: (... Mok.)
Date: 1990-10-08, 07:01

In article <90277.224431G99HC@CUNYVM.BITNET>  writes:
> >
> >hey, i watch twin peaks, and i think its cool.
> >but u gotta realize, we're spending more time analyzing
> >this on netnews than we do watching the show.
> >probably more than we spend with our loved ones.
   Hey! Speak for yourself! I analyze Twin Peaks with MY loved ones. That's
what's know as =quality time=   :)
   But why are we given minds, if not to loose them?
> >its getting like a joke, like when they all watch
> >that inane soap opera, "Another World." on the show
> >we all laugh at that, right? its very cute.
> >does the name Dr. Brian O'Blivion ring a bell?
   Okay, I give up. YES, it rings a bell. Now who the hell is he?!?
> >so kill me.

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