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Subject: Re: aDiane's degree, was n
From: (R o d Johnson)
Date: 1990-10-08, 20:04

In article <> (Barbara Hlavin) writes:

[On how Hawk's girlfriend Diane's Ph.D. is:]

>>> >>>Probably Sanscrit.        

So I sez:

>> >>Um. . . why?

> >Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  I meant it as a joke.  

Well, geez, I knew *that*.  I just didn't *get* the joke.

> >However, let me put my Agent Cooper hair on:  Sanscrit because it is 
> >an ancient language of India, where the Buddha was born.  

Uh huh. . .

> >The study of it is very esoteric; for instance, Jeffrey Masson, he of
> >the expose _In the Freud Archives_, has a Ph.D. in Sanscrit.

Not *that* esoteric--we taught Sanskrit to undergrads in my old
department at Michigan.  I've even been known to utter a few words of
it myself now and then.  I just didn't see what the connection was to
Hawk's girlfriend.  But never mind, I spose.

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