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Subject: Re: creamed corn!
From: msmiller@gonzoville.Eng.Sun.COM (Mark Miller)
Date: 1990-10-08, 08:59
Reply-to: msmiller@Sun.COM (Mark Miller)

In article <39395@eerie.acsu.Buffalo.EDU>, (Paul
Graham) writes:
|>nope we don't want any creamed corn here.

Did that kid look a bit Eraserhead-ish or what?

And, we get yet another character: the mysterious Mr. Smith in the
next cabin.

And, we also get Cooper's ex-partner escaping from the nut house.
That's 2 new loose ends. Just what we needed.

|>sperm banks save [sperm] whales and sterile folks don't need to bathe.

That was funny. Lucy's character sure was put into a different light.
First, the dumbness not to let that call to Truman through - WE know
that was an important call (I'm betting it was Leland calling to say
he knew who BOB was). And then how she got preggers even though Andy's
equipment ain't working.

Another funny bit was the hospital stools in Ronnette's room. Nice
touch. You expect that scene to get heavy right away, and they pull
this sight gag with the stools.

And Andy fighting with the tape. Another cute little sight gag.

|>ok i admit i didn't think it could get any weirder.  so i was wrong.
|>but i was right about the space aliens.

Geez ... I don't know about adding that bit. I suppose it's possible
that the Major's equipment just picked up on some heavy psychic
activity, but if this ends up being Plan 10 from Outer Space, I
think people will be really pissed off.


I guess next week Cooper will do his Lone Ranger bit and rescue Audrey.
They've got that all nicely set up. They're really wasting her character
keeping her out at OEJ's, wardrobe improvementst aside.

Interesting the way that mysterious oriental was eyeing Cooper. Like
maybe he was surprised Coop was alive.

Are all the Palmer women psychic or something? They all seem to have
these visions of BOB.

And I guess Shelly and Bobby will live of Leo's insurance and "hang
donuts from his ears". Ain't young love wonderful?

I think Leland's reaction to BOB's picture, and Ronnette's recollection
kind of let Leland off the hook. Which doesn't make him any more sane.
Maybe it's Coop's ex-partner. Sheesh what a mess.

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