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Subject: Re: Did Bobby kill someone in the past?
From: (Larry Spence)
Date: 1990-10-08, 13:40
Reply-to: larry%csccat.UUCP@AWIWUW11.WU-Wien.AC.AT (Larry Spence)

In article <> (David Hafken) writes:
> >Just a quick question for those of you with good memories:  was it mentioned
> >last season that Bobby had killed someone in the past?  Or was it Leo they
> >were talking about?  Does anyone know which episode # this was mentioned.

In the diary, Laura writes about a drug deal gone bad where, as they (Laura,
Leo, Bobby) zoomed away in a pickup, Bobby shot and killed a man who was
hiding in the bed of the pickup.  Neither of them lets it "sink in" until
much later when Laura brings it up -- then Bobby breaks down crying.

Larry Spence