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Subject: re: Did Episode 1...
From: (Kathleen Hunt)
Date: 1990-10-08, 23:35

[tried to post this before, don't know if it got on] (Brad May)
 Message-ID: <> complains:

*Andy goes from lovable bumbler to total moron: scene with roll of tape,
*talk with Lucy "They informed me I was sterile which I thought meant I
*didn't need to take a bath." (aprox. quote).  SHEESH!  Same for Lucy.
*Note after she pulls tape off Andy's head she is still trying to get it
*off her own fingers when scene cuts.  Also where she hangs up on caller.
*Some of this is funny, my point is that all the deveopment of these char-
*acters is scrapped and they become one-dimensional stereotypes.

I totally agree with this.  I was really annoyed by some scenes in the
season premiere, too -- Andy staggering around like an owl on DDT (yes,
I have seen an owl on DDT), for instance.  Truman, Lucy, et al. were
also acting strangely; I found it odd that when Cooper woke up after
having been shot three times(!) NONE of them asked how he was!  I felt
like that friendship that had been growing between Cooper and Truman
was just something I had imagined.

*Albert has lost his cynical edge.  We loose a great character and foil for
*Cooper's character.

No, this I don't agree with.  I *love* Albert!  I especially loved how
he said "So, has anyone seen Bob on earth in the last few weeks?"  He's
like an anchor of cynicism and relative normality in a swirling sea
of magicians and owls.  Especially now that Twin Peaks seems to be
wheeling off into weirder and weirder things -- which I like, actually --
Albert's  unshakable twentieth-century skepticism is more and more
important.   "King Hohoho"!!  Albert is great!

*It looks like the "Without chemicals he points" clue refers to Leland
*(without hair dye) pointing at BOB's poster in Ben Horne office.

Wait -- Leland never has used hair dye, has he?  So why would he be
any more "without chemicals" than any of the other characters?

*There is still funny stuff: Opening scene, Cooper expounding on 5th century
*Tibetan Bhuddism while barbershop quarted sings.  Scene with stools in
*Ronette'sroom was classic Lynch.  But while we get a couple good scenes, the
*plot goes to hell, and the show is drifting.

Yeah, I loved that barbershop quarter and those STOOLS!  Especially since
I once TA'd a lab class where all the stools were that kind.  They're
really difficult to figure out.  I must have demonstrated how to lower
those stools about fifty times.
And overall, I really liked the 1st episode.  Once you accept the fact
that it's getting spacier and spacier, you can enjoy it even more.  After
all, this is FICTION.  How many of you saw "Alien" or "Back to the Future"
and sat there grumbling "This isn't possible!  Time travel is a ridiculous
idea!  Extraterrestrials indeed!  This is too flaky for me!"  Few, I'll bet.
You just accept that it's fiction, and enjoy the ride.

The only thing that's bugging me is the growing two-dimensionality (?
shrinking three-dimensionality?  flattening two-dimensionality?) of some
of the supporting characters, namely Lucy and Andy.

*Or am I just cranky because I have to go back to work?

You're just cranky.  :-)