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Subject: Re: Enterprise to Star Fleet Command
From: tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff)
Date: 1990-10-08, 17:15

In article <> (Patrick J. LoPresti) writes:
> >In article <12627789439009@OSU-20.IRCC.OHIO-STATE.EDU>
> >PUTNAM-L@OSU-20.IRCC.OHIO-STATE.EDU (Lee Putnam) writes:
>> >> -Lynch has entered the realm of sci-fi and that is great. I now intend to sit
>> >> back and watch many of you bicker about the "absurdity" of TP.
> >
> >Entering the realm of sci-fi is fine, as long as it's GOOD sci-fi.  The
> >"message from outer space" scene, with Cooper's awe-struck "Oh, my God"
> >could have come from any bad B movie.

With all due respect -- bullshit!  If the exact same premise were
presented in ASIMOV'S or F&SF in a story by some respectable author,
we'd accept it without blinking an eye.  This is the SF community's
double standard working on overdrive.  When we encounter palpable
nonsense in a LeGuin or Lafferty story, we withhold scorn because we
know the creative content of the whole will justify the excursion.  Why
deny Lynch and Frost the same breathing room?  Who's more brilliant:
David Lynch or Joe Schmoe landing his first ANALOG sale?

> >IM(not so)HO, Lynch has gravely misjudged his audience in throwing this
> >trash at us.  No longer just adding spice, the supernatural has taken
> >over the show.

I have agreed with this sentiment in an earlier posting, but my point
was that the lay audience is not going to tolerate mystical mumbo jumbo
when they expect a taut thriller.  I suspect that SF aficionados are
largely a captive audience and neither ABC not Lynch/Frost need be
particularly afraid of losing them.

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