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Subject: Re: Homos shut upSKIP
From: (Christopher J. Foster)
Date: 1990-10-08, 07:56

In article <39272@eerie.acsu.Buffalo.EDU>, (Mike Cluff) writes:
> > In article <>, writes...
>> >>dear dorks 
>> >> you  guys seem to be overanalyzing  this completely
>> >>and i think that for the most part the better half of you are stupid
>> >>and that Twin Peaks is not different thaN days of our lives
>> >>well the point im trying to make is  to shut  up cause none
>> >>of you no nothing. i rule i know everything 
>> >>     thank  you 
>> >>     Sean  
> > 
> > Can I be the first?  Oh, pleeeeeze?  Okay, here goes...
> > 
> > "Look, it's trying to think!"
> > 

I hope Sean doesn't read rec.arts.startrek.

(what's significant about copious spelling errors, anyway)
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