Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Killer Bob Ain't What He Seems
From: (Barbara Hlavin)
Date: 1990-10-08, 15:11

In article <1158600093@cdp> forestwatch@cdp.UUCP writes:
> >
> >	The owls are not what they seem.  Killer Bob is an owl.
*>Killer Bob is not what he seems (i.e., a killer).*  Ergo:  Killer
> >Bob did not kill Laura Palmer.
> >
> >Jeffrey St. Clair

Well, Killer Bob may or may not be a killer or have killed Laura 
Palmer, but he's one spooky dude.  I found that maniacal expression 
of eagerness as he scrambled spider-like over the sofa and coffee 
table toward Maddy very menacing and *really scary*.

Twin Peaks has started giving me nightmares.  I dreamed Saturday 
night that Blackie and Jerry Horne welded a thin metal plate to 
Shelley Johnson's face.  (No analysis, please!)


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