Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Rethinking the Log Lady
From: (R o d Johnson)
Date: 1990-10-08, 12:31

In article <2810@jaytee.East.Sun.COM> msmiller@Sun.COM (Mark Miller) writes:

> >I agree that Leland is the obvious choice - he got Renault and Jacoby
> >(so it seems) - and he's clearly the most unhinged person there, save
> >for the Log Lady.

You know, given the fact that Cooper is getting messages from every
which way these days, and given that the Log Lady's last
"transmission" was quite appropriate, I'd have to say that we really
have no reason to think of her as unhinged AT ALL.  Odd, yes, but
pretty much on top of things as they are (as opposed to how they
seem). No?

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